1. Introduction
2. Web Sites
3. Software
4. Books
5. Articles
6. Specifications

1. Introduction

This page contains references used elsewhere on this site.

2. Web Sites

  1. Erich Gamma Wikipedia
  2. Kent Beck Wikipedia , Three Rivers Institute
  3. Martin Fowler martinfowler.com
  4. De Morgen, site of a Belgian newspaper. Website
  5. Online services of the Flemish government. Flanders is the Flemish community, a part of Belgium. Website
  6. Online services of the Belgian government. Website
  7. PostgreSQL 8.1 Manual is available online .
  8. Zoneinfo or "TZ", a public domain timezone database. It contains data that represents the history of local time for world wide locations. It is regularly updated to reflect political decisions that affect time zones. Zoneinfo's website.

3. Software

  1. Apache Ant Website
  2. Hibernate Hibernate Website
  3. Luntbuild Website
  4. iText HelloWorldMultiple example , on the excellent iText Website , contains the java code for an non-UI example of the Observer pattern.
  5. Apache Axis, is an open source SOAP implementation from The Apache Software Foundation , it automates generating WSDL etc. to a large degree. More information and downloads on the website .

4. Books

  1. AntiPatterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, and Projects in Crisis , ISBN-13: 978-0471197133 Amazon
  2. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software , ISBN-13: 978-0201633610 Amazon
  3. Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code , ISBN-13: 978-0201485677 Amazon
  4. Mastering Regular Expressions, Jeffrey E.F. Friedl, O'Reilly , ISBN 13: 978-0596528126 Amazon
  5. Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies, Deepak Alur, Dan Malks, John Crupi, Prentice Hall , ISBN-13: 978-0131422469 Amazon
  6. J2EE Design Patterns, William Crawford , ISBN-13: 978-0596004279 Amazon
  7. Developing Software with UML: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design in Practice, Bernd Östereich , ISBN-13: 978-0201756036 Amazon
  8. UML in a Nutshell, Sinan Si Alhir. O'Reilly , ISBN-13: 978-1565924482 Amazon
  9. Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans, Ed Roman, Scott Ambler, Tyler Jewell. John Wiley & Sons , ISBN-13: 978-0471417118 Amazon

5. Articles

  1. Use your singletons wisely, J.B Rainsberger , at IBM Developerworks
  2. Apache ServiceMix background article. at the Apache Foundation
  3. ESB-oriented architecture: The wrong approach to adopting SOA, Bobby Woolf , at IBM Developerworks
  4. SAP promises maintenance metrics 'soon' an article about SAP's 29% cost increase over 4 years on The Register , SAP's original press release issued July 16, 2008 is less clear.
  5. Loss of data has serious consequences for German electronic health card The certificate authority looses the private encryption key, thereby making millions of electronic cards useless. Full story is here .

6. Specifications

  1. DOM Level 2 Specification at W3C .
  2. JAXB Specification, JSR 122 at JCP .
  3. JEE Specification, JSR 244 and JSR 313 , at JCP for JEE 5 and JEE 6
  4. JPA specification JSR 317 , at JCP for JPA 2.0